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Calendar of Events Riding Beyond 2021:

  Individual Sessions  / Half Day Group Sessions  /  Volunteer Training

Riding Beyond face-to-face activities with horses resumed in April, 2021, under COVID-19 Safety Guidelines.


Half-Day Group Sessions: Summer Saturdays

A Special Riding Beyond Program offering Mindful, Heartfelt Support for Healthcare Professionals.

Big Hearted Horses & You

Explore the kinship: Small group sessions meet on Saturday mornings at a beautiful new private facility in the northern hills of Ashland .

Experience how to savor our kinship with horses and learn from their gifts as sentient beings. Riding Beyond half-day sessions are specially designed for health care providers to experience the benefits of equine-assisted professional development. 


May 22, 1-4 pm
June 26, 9-12 am
July 24, 9-12 am smoked out
August 28, 9-12 am smoked out
September 25, 9-12 am

Each Saturday program will be limited to four participants, $50 per
person. Come with your favorite co-workers and enjoy interactions
with large-hearted horses and creative exploration.

Details and to register: 541.482.6210
Trish Broersma,


FREE Sessions

Due to COVID-19, we are conducting small group sessions to replace individual sessions.

In response to the needs of our community, we are expanding our services. Tuesday and Wednesday 4-week sessions, starting in April, are now open to both breast cancer survivors and women experiencing post traumatic stress from the events of 2020. 

Sessions are conducted in April, May and September on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Little Creek Ranch, 2900 Siskiyou Blvd, Ashland, OR.

More details on individual sessions HERE.

Call Trish Broersma  541 482 6210.

Participant Application (PDF)
Physician Statement (PDF)

More about group sessions and individual sessions HERE.

Extending our reach


UPCOMING: Early June. “Horse Stories throughout Human History”

JOIN OUR MAILING LIST (bottom of any page)
TO RECEIVE INVITATIONS to these events. 
RIDING BEYOND went virtual in April, 2020, actively providing sustaining creative connections heart-to-heart with horses.

Please come join us for a stay-at-home adventure as we explore gifts that horses offer us during these challenging times. Mystic, Journey and Abby will be there, as well as others. Welcome to the journey.

Exploring the relevance of what horses teach us for the COVID 19 times:

Interaction • Creativity • Sustenance • Wisdom

FIND OUT MORE HERE. Watch recordings of past events.


Volunteer Training

2021 Volunteer Trainings:
Sign up for our mailing list to receive notices about Volunteer Training and other Riding Beyond news. Trainings in 2021 will be via Zoom and live with the horses.

LIVE: March 13 and June 12, 2021


Contact Christine Healey with questions about volunteering: ‭
‭‭(541) 838-1166‬ (text or call)‬‬ /

Volunteer Application (PDF)


Riding Beyond sessions are conducted in spring, summer, and fall.  Organizational meetings occur throughout the year. Please contact us if you’d like to volunteer or participate.