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Our Supporters

Our thanks to these who have contributed to funding Riding Beyond

Ann Alden
Debra Allen
Elizabeth Austin
Don Azar
Jeffery Baker
Jane Battenberg
Nathan Broersma
Elaine Cirillo
Bev Collins
Louise Collins
Leslie Cox
Patty Crumrine
Colleen Curran
Merrily Curtis
Dick Dalton
Denise and Gerry Dignan
Emma Farr-Rawlings
Gail Field
Laura Frame
Lila Harding
Debbie Hansen
Pat Heck
Jean Houston
Siri Jacobsen
Patti Kaufman
Jenn Lieber
Tom and Kelly Mackey
Rosa Lee Maple
Judith Magann
Ellen McSorley
Galen Miller
Teresa Miskell
Diana Monaco
Lisa Nelson
Lindsay Ott
Louise Pare
Shirley Patton
Jill Persichetti, in memory of
Merrily, Martha, Diana, Midge and Josie
Piper Family Foundation
Sally Richman
Betty Rothenberger
Peggy Rubin
Mary Russin
Leslie Schockner
Ginger Sewell
Debra Sheetz
Barbara Shor
Ariella St. Clair
Pat Super
Hilary Tate
Stephanie Taylor, MD
Umpqua Bank
Andrea Wachter
Mary Beth Watt
Alice Wolf

Gifts of $100 or more in honor of these people:

In honor of Sunnie Jacobs from Patti Kaufman

In honor of Stephanie Taylor and Eleanor Criswell from Betty Rothenberger

In honor of Ann Alden from Barbara Rector

In honor of Betty Rothenberger from Stephanie Taylor, MD

In honor of Coco Ireland Rutchland and Kathy Wixon-Genack from Bev Collins