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Small Group 4-Week Sessions
April, May and September.
For specific session dates and to sign up, go to EVENTS

If you are a woman seeking revitalization following the effects of breast cancer treatment, read here about the invigorating activities we offer. Feel free to call us about your particular situation. In some cases you can benefit from joining us while still in treatment. Or immediately afterward. Or months and years later.

Through carefully designed and guided experiences with horses, conducted by a certified therapeutic riding instructor, our sessions offer such benefits as these:

•  Revitalized energy.
• — Re-sensitizing to touch and being touched.
• — Activating the vagus nerve to benefit autonomic nervous system issues such as digestive issues, and heightened respiration and heart rates.
• — Widening the field of awareness through synchronized breathing and musical activities.
• — Opening new areas of mental and emotional functioning through mind/brain “games.”
• — Revealing new possibilities for the future.

•  Click here to read “A Morning with Mystic,” a first-hand account of what happens at Riding Beyond, by a participant.

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Small group spring and fall 4-week sessions conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons 1-5 pm

All-day group sessions will be conducted on Saturdays in May, June, July and September.

Find session dates HERE.

Sessions are conducted under the highest safety standards, by a PATH International certified therapeutic riding instructor and certified equine specialist, attending to the well-being of all people and horses involved in Riding Beyond. Three or four volunteers assist and participate.


We have two tracks available for participants of 4-week sessions.

Track One (Not available 2023): for those able to mount a horse.

Doctor’s Statement (form provided by Riding Beyond, see below)
Ability to mount steps and straddle a horse
Ability to push upper body into sitting position after lying on horse’s rump
Signed liability release and Participant Application (see below)
Maximum rider weight of 150 pounds
Issues following your breast cancer treatment

Track Two: where the benefits are accomplished through ground work with the horse.

Doctor’s Statement (form provided by Riding Beyond, see below)
Signed liability release and Participant Application (see below)
Issues following your breast cancer treatment.

Find session dates HERE.

To register for a small group session on Tuesday or Wednesday, call
Trish Broersma 541 482 6210 and then fill out and return these forms:

Participant Application (PDF)
Physician Statement (PDF)


Signed liability release and electronic registration (see events page).
Group sessions are open to health care professionals and family & friends of women involved in breast cancer treatment, as well as other cancer survivors, anyone interested in exploring the benefits of the horse/human relationship.

Find group session dates and register online HERE.

Small group sessions are offered free of charge.

Group sessions $50 charge.


To sign up for Riding Beyond, call Trish Broersma 541.482.6210, [email protected].


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