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Your generous donation allows us to focus on offering women restoration for the many after-effects of breast cancer treatment, as well as others facing the challenges of these times. Your support is crucial in helping them open doors to their future through the empowering horse/human relationships at Riding Beyond.


Make Each Month Matter

Join the Riding Beyond Shining Stars, our incredible herd of monthly donors who are passionate about providing this life-changing support to women navigating the challenges of breast cancer and life in these times.

Hands all in

The Impact of Your Monthly Gift

$25  provides our horses with weekly care that keeps them healthy and happy.

$50  provides for one woman to attend a group session of Saturdays at the Farm.

$100  provides for a breast cancer survivor or thriver to attend our core four-week session without fear of covering the costs.

One-time gifts welcome, too!

If you prefer to send a check for your tax deductible gift, send to Riding Beyond, P.O. Box 1281, Ashland, OR 97520

Making a Difference

I love supporting Riding Beyond as a Shining Star for many years. When I first heard about Riding Beyond at its beginnings, I immediately connected with it as I have loved horses and their loving, comforting, healing energy since I was a toddler. Then, my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer over ten years ago and is doing great. I knew she would have benefited from such a resource in her community. To have such a sweet resource to help the healing process fills my heart. When my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago I knew she would benefit from such a program, too. Blessings on all who support Riding Beyond and blessings on all who benefit from Riding Beyond.
Congratulations on your National Award – Wowee!

Andrea Wachter – Riding Beyond Shining Star since 2018



Your gift means more than just dollars and cents. Your gift—of any amount—signifies your belief in the transformative power of our work enlisting the power of the kinship between horses and people. It aligns you with those who wish to support women in overcoming challenges to their essential well-being and providing them with practices, relationships, and healing for opening doors to an empowered future.

As Riding Beyond’s most important fund-raising priority, our Annual Appeal generates more than 30 percent of our operating budget. This annual demonstration of tangible financial support ensures the continuation of our pioneering role internationally in innovative programs based on the wisdom inherent in heart-to-heart relationships with horses.

Our Annual Appeal’s success is critical to Riding Beyond’s future in sharing the power of the horse/human connection for the growing number of women each year who locally join the ranks of over 4,000 who have experienced debilitating after-effects of breast cancer treatment. Annual Appeal gifts also support the many initiatives expanding the reach of our programs to marginalized women and others facing the challenges of modern living, All find restoration and fresh perspectives for opening doors to the future, pioneering heightened stewardship of our planet through an enriched kinship with the natural world.

Additionally, the Annual Appeal helps our staff and volunteers develop innovative programs which we share to the international equine assisted services industry, at regional and international conferences, providing models which respond to the breast cancer epidemic for other equine assisted programs around the world.